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Our Competencies

We have expertise and knowledge in all areas of construction management. We put this into practice and are therefore able to manage construction projects of any type and size or to advise on your organization.

Cost Estimates

Construction Management

In the pre-project phase, we create detailed cost estimates that not only consist of m3* and m2* price estimates. Our rich experience helps us with this. If we lack cost data, we look for it from an external source. Whether new construction, conversion or renovation, we have the right instruments for cost planning.

Cost Estimates

Construction Management

Our cost estimates are detailed with mass statements and are based on cost data from comparative projects, our experience and preliminary offers. The cost information provided by the specialist planners is an integral part. The requirements of the building owner and architect are carefully incorporated and, where desired, variants can be identified.


Construction Management

The requirements and expectations of the client and architects in terms of function, aesthetics and quality must be harmonized and coordinated. We create correct tenders that leave no room for interpretation and thus provide cost security.

Offer controls and tendering

Construction Management

Our specifications are clear, precise and leave no room for interpretation. After receipt of the offer, the positions of the offers are compared and any ambiguities cleared out of the way. Reference information is obtained where necessary. Clearly compiled offers and recommendations are made to the client so that they can make an award decision.


Construction Management

All risk components such as pollutants, winter measures, delivery times and the like are included in our scheduling. An initial rough schedule is continuously refined and updated as construction progresses, so that deadlines can be reacted to immediately.

Project Coordination

Construction Management

The construction management or construction management is responsible for the coordination of all craftsmen involved in the construction. This is about deployment planning according to the motto: "Every craftsman in the right place at the right time" so that the construction processes run smoothly.

Construction Accounting

Construction Management

The construction costs should be closely monitored and controlled right from the start. Clear booking journals in different sorting provide a good overview of the payment status. Cost reports with a comparison to the cost estimate can be called up at any time.


Construction Management

All invoices relating to the construction are approved and approved by the construction management. In this way, complete construction accounting can be guaranteed. The invoices are prepared for payment in such a way that the client can forward them to the bank's collective receipt for payment.

Construction Billing

Construction Management

The construction billing is clearly created according to the agreed structure from the construction accounting and the costs are compared with the cost estimate.


Construction Management

The works acceptance of the individual trades is carried out by the site management together with the contractor. Architects and specialist planners are involved where necessary or desired. First and foremost, the completeness and function of the work are checked and any defects that need to be corrected are listed. The craftsmanship of the work is continuously checked during the regular construction management tasks.

Client Advice

Construction Management

The client often no longer sees the forest for the trees as the hub of all ongoing processes. We can step in at any point in the construction process and provide advice. In addition, we offer the option of representing the client on a fiduciary basis and accompanying the construction without a construction management mandate.

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